Isn’t It Time For You to Give Up Sex?


It isn’t. Even if you’re over 70, it’s still not time. The notion that after 50 years, sex does not matter is just one of the myths in the ideology of ageism. Men, especially, can be active at a much older age than you can imagine!

Sex and diseases

British scientists have been trying to research for five years what will happen to older couples in a couple of years if they stop making love right now. The result was generally predictable: the less sex at 50, the more diseases at 52, 54, and so on.

In such cases, there are doubts related to the cause-effect connection: do people get sick because they have little sex? Or do they lose their fervor because they are already sick?

Scientists are leaning towards the second version. And they ask all doctors to remember that neither at 50 nor at 70 years old do people become asexual. Doctors cannot say to someone who comes into their office complaining about a failed erection: “This is normal at your age!”. We must look for the disease: most likely, it already exists, but except for the situation in bed, it has not manifested itself so far.

Sex and hormones

It is foolish to deny that testosterone levels decrease with age and that an erection can no longer be as powerful as at the age of 20. Men often take drugs that stimulate an erection since the physiological part of sexual contact is more critical for men purely on a psychological level. At the same time, women use hormone replacement therapy and artificial lubrication, but emotional connection becomes an essential part. Researchers at Harvard Medical School also note that many stable older couples are experiencing a jump in quality relationships. What matters is not the orgasm but mutual caresses and a sense of intimacy – like young lovers.

Sex and family

German scientists conducted a large-scale study and came to a conclusion that was obvious to most of us before them: many people (especially over 50) do not have sex simply because there is no one. The tendency to unpaired existence in Europe has been growing for quite some time – and in the second half of life something goes wrong. When men are young they can look for adventures on Tinder and in bars almost every evening. It gets harder over the years. Therefore, about 15% of men after 50 years of age live by the principle of “no-no need”. After 70 years, every other man completely forgets about sex. Those who continue to make love, despite their age, usually have a regular partner.

Sex and depression

Doctors note that men over 50 who have given up sexual activity are more likely to be depressed. Not only is it a matter of physiology and nurturing of a “healthy” hormonal background. The fact is that the lack of sexual desire is often associated with reduced self-esteem and a sense of own uselessness. Therefore, it is crucial for partners in a pair to mutually engage, if not in regular sex, then at least in routine tactile pleasures: stroke each other, hug, and hold hands. You will be surprised – it actually brings joy to 70-year-olds, too.

Sex and weight

However, British scientists’ study in 2020 was sensational, indeed! In a world that is used to blaming all the misfortunes on being overweight, they decided to find out whether sexual activity after 50 years depends on body mass index. It turns out it is connected! People with excess weight and even obesity loved each other much more often and willingly than those who kept fit. So is it worth it giving pleasures a miss?

Doctors, psychologists, and sociologists have long agreed that sexuality is not affected by age itself but by its circumstances. At the end of the day, respiration is not the same as that in youth. Joints crackle, and the choice of partners is not so wide, and most importantly, there is the pressure of public opinion. You can love each other without paying attention to that!

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