Every year in the world appears to be more adult people than young ones, and this tendency will stay with us for the coming centuries. We are in a new epoch - an epoch of adults. And it means no weakness. It means we have new opportunities.

This blog has no frightening news, no manipulating tricks: just the information you need to improve your life quality - as science sees it. What will you find here: articles about longevity and aging we all face - and how to deal with it. Enjoy reading!
Your Longevity What we eat?
The Bright Ending: What Science Has to Say About Aging?
Thanks to science and medicine, as well as technical advances, we have started to live longer. From the year 1950 until 2002, the likelihood to live up to 80-90 years for men and women has almost doubled. In the year 1950, only 16% of women and 12% of men could expect to light 90 candles…
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Health Goals SUPPLEMENT+
Antioxidants and Free Radicals: How Enemies Have Become Friends
Antioxidant means anti-oxygen. Our life is full of paradoxes. We cannot live without oxygen. But it is the oxygen that launches the oxidation processes, destroying cells and finally aging and death. How did the standoff begin? People have early detected that air has a destructive effect. At first, no one related this phenomenon and the…
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What Happens To Our Health When There Is Less Sunlight
You can be in love with summer and dislike autumn and winter. Or, it can be the opposite, and you may be impatiently waiting for the moment when the heat goes down, the colors become softer, and nature becomes more romantic. But whatever season you prefer, the fans of summer and winter are similarly defenseless…
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Serotonin and Dopamine: What Do We Know About the “Happy” Hormones?
Every one of us has our own individual concept of happiness, and no one has come up with a universal definition. Yet, all of us are capable of intuitively experiencing it, distinguishing between being happy and unhappy. It is common knowledge today that happiness depends not only on a capricious fate and some mysterious existential…
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